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Stay ahead of the curve with news and views about the latest trends in the Media Industry. Maybe some of these previous incarnations ring a bell, BFCPUG, final(cut)Berlin User Group or berlinfcp. We had our 10th birthday in 2013. Over 10 years later we are thinking more globally but still have a strong bias towards FCP. We also have Da Vinci Resolve very much on our Radar as we believe it makes a perfect companion for FCP.




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Contribute to the User Group by registering and telling us who you are! Whether you want to provide in-depth video tutorials, nuggets of post production news for our stream or just hang out and chew the cud you are welcome. Help us build the first user group portal where users can educate each other and go past the finalBUG together. finalBUG is built by users for users.


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Get your toes wet in our finalBUG stream where we post links to articles of interest. Here we cover pretty much anything from for example “Riff” (Facebook's latest bet on Social Video) too more abstract topics such as “why the modern world is bad for your brain.” The stream is where we tie up the lose ends for and help you stay sane.
Jump into the deep end on the Blog page. In the past we had long sprawling articles. These days we are more focused with leaner in depth articles often with original video content. This takes more time but is in the long run is more sustainable. Further it takes us step by step closer to realising the dream of becoming the worlds first dedicated user group training portal... Recurring themes remain the same, FCPX, XML, DaVinci Resolve, Workflow and Meta Data.


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